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Food Safety Planning for Food Processors:
Resources to Help Build a Food Safety Plan

Building a food safety management system is a complex task. This series of web pages offers background information on regulations and standards, guidelines on how to build a food safety plan, resources to help build your food safety plan (including a regulatory database and a library of sample documents), and access to educational and training modules for food processors.

Introduction to Food Safety Planning – Glossary
Access our glossary of foods safety terms and acronyms.

Build a Food Safety Plan
Find out how to complete a gap assessment, download guidelines how to build a HACCP pre-requisite program of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) and a toolkit to help build a HACCP plan.

Resources to Help Build a Food Safety Plan
Find legislation and regulations relevant to your food products, learn how to find a food safety consultant and access a library of sample documents to help contruct a food safety plan.

Education and Training for Food Safety
Register for "A BC HACCP Plan" home study program, complete a training program for food processing workers, watch a video series on how to develop a recall plan, and learn about about the critical role of traceability in modern food safety management systems.

Do you have questions about food safety planning?  Here are some helpful answers to food processing FAQs.