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Education and Training

Register for "A BC HACCP Plan" home study program, complete a training program for food processing workers, watch a video series on how to develop a recall plan, and learn about about the critical role of traceability in modern food safety management systems.

A BC HACCP Plan Home Study Program

Some people are not able to attend “A BC Step by Step HACCP Plan” workshop in person because they live too far away from where workshops are held. To solve this problem, the SSFPA has developed a distance learning option for people who can’t attend a workshop in person – a personal Home Study Program to complete the “A Step by Step BC HACCP Plan” program.

Training for Food Processing Workers

Train your current and new employees online about basic hygiene and good manufacturing practices for food processors. These online courses can be taken one module at a time or all at once. Each module ends with a review or quiz to ensure participants’ involvement and comprehension.

Recall in a Wired World

Even with the best planning, food safety incidents that result in recall can occur. It only makes good business sense to be well prepared to respond to any challenges to your company’s well-being. Our new intructional program, “Recall in a Wired World”, is designed to help companies develop a recall plan that is responsive to the realities of the internet and social media.


This online learning module will help food processors understand the critical role of traceability in modern food safety management systems like GMP and HACCP, and to learn how tracking products using a traceability system can benefit their business.