Small Scale Food Processor Association SSFPA


An Interactive Toolkit and Sample Documents
to Build Your HACCP Plan On Your Computer

Use the Microsoft Access database below to write a HACCP plan on your computer.

  • You must copy the database to your desktop and rename it to unlock it before use.
  • Then you must open it using Microsoft Access (included in most versions of Microsoft Office)
  • Download the A BC HACCP Interactive Microsoft Access database here
  • Download the Reference Database for Hazard Identification here. The Reference Database for Hazard Identification is a tool designed for use by food processors, HACCP coordinators and HACCP consultants to assist in identifying food and food-borne hazards in production and processing when planning and implementing food safety procedures, GMPs or HACCP plans
  • Blank A BC HACCP Templates (these are sample documents that only require Microsoft Word)