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Building a Food Safety Plan

Development of a food safety management system like HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) requires going through a series of steps, including completing a gap assessment and writing pre-requisite programs.

Complete a Gap Assessment
A gap assessment is an on-site evaluation of the current food safety system in your facility. The gap assessment will indicate the strengths and weaknesses in your plant and provide the basis for a workplan to improve the food safety system. Download guidelines to complete a gap assessment.

Build a Pre-requisite Program
Prior to developing a HACCP plan, a food processor must develop written prerequisite programs that meet all regulatory and program requirements. Download a document that outlines how to start building a HACCP pre-requisite program of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs).

Build a HACCP Plan: Interactive Toolkit and Sample Documents
A HACCP plan is a food safety system based on systematic and preventative ways to ensure food safety. Download an interactive toolkit and sample documents to build A HACCP Plan on your computer.

Looking for sample documents or other resources?
Looking for sample documents to help build your food safety plan? Looking for a food safety consultant to help develop your food safety plan? Visit our resource library.