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Food Safety Systems Implementation (Processor) Program

This program was completed on March 31, 2013

Assistance with Food Safety Planning

British Columbia food and beverage processors are well aware of the importance and economic advantages of implementing food safety systems in their operations. The purpose of the Food Safety Systems Implementation (Processor) Program is to offer education and funding for processors across British Columbia to develop food safety plans. The Small Scale Food Processor Association (SSFPA) is pleased to deliver this program in support of British Columbia food processors like you.

FSSI (Processor) Program: Overview
What FSSI program activities apply to my business? How can my business benefit? Learn more about the FSSI (Processor) Program, including eligibility criteria.

A BC HACCP Plan Workshops
Food processors are invited to attend an introductory food safety workshop to learn basic food safety for food manufacturing using food safety systems such as GMPs and HACCP. What’s more, they offer an opportunity to network and learn how you can enhance your bottom line. Find out where and when workshops are being held, and how to register. We also have distance learning options for individuals who can’t attend a workshop in person.

Onsite Consultations
Eligible companies that attend the food safety planning workshop may apply for FREE one-on-one site visits by Food Safety Consultants who will help conduct an assessment of your processing operation. This consultation is an advisory process, not an inspection. The information is entirely for your use – to help keep you and your business safe and to develop efficiencies that pay for themselves.

Implementation Funding
Is my business eligible for financial help to implement a food safety plan? The Food Safety Systems Implementation (Processor) Program also provides for  financial assistance to eligible food and beverage processing companies to help cover some of the costs of implementing a GMP and/or HACCP food safety plan. PLEASE NOTE THAT FUNDING HAS NOW BEEN COMPLETELY ALLOCATED FOR 2012 AND WE WILL NOT BE ACCCEPTING ANY NEW APPLICATIONS.

Success Stories
How has food safety planning helped food processors in British Columbia achieve their goals? Do food safety plans make a business more efficient and help meet the bottom line? We asked six B.C. companies to share their insights on how food safety plans contributed to the success of their businesses...

The Food Safety Systems Implementation (Processor) Program – more commonly referred to as FSSI (Processor) Program – is offered as part of Growing Forward, a federal-provincial-territorial initiative. Growing Forward offers programs and services to support a profitable, innovative, competitive and market-oriented agriculture, agri-foods and agri-based products industry. Growing Forward will contribute to the health and wellness of Canadians through the development, recognition and implementation of food safety systems across Canada. Funding for this program has been provided by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada and the BC Ministry of Agriculture.

Click here for more information on Growing Forward and the programs funded by this initiative.